Cannabis Horticultural Association

Case Study: Cannabis Horticultural Association


CHA is a resource center for growers seeking objective information on sustainable, ecological, regenerative and integrated pest management practices for cannabis. Working closely with CHA's founder, I migrated four years of educational content from Squarespace to WordPress, and built a vigorous subscription-based membership site to support their growing audience.


After a careful migration process, I created a tiered membership site which grants access to restricted content in CHA's Horticultural Database. An eCommerce shop is used to sell and ship physical goods.

Membership Content

Site visitors, who must confirm they are over 21, are encouraged to become a member. CHA's blog posts are accessible to all visitors, and their Horticultural Database is available to members immediately after signup.

Search and Site Architecture

With a large number of pages and categories, it was important that the site content was highly organized and easily accessible. Carefully organized sub pages ensured that search was as efficient as possible and that content remained portable for future updates.


Much thought went into keeping the site moving quickly, especially with a large amount of content and users, including CDN integration, static content caching, and resizing images for mobile devices to further improve speeds.


The Cannabis Horticultural Association experienced rapid growth after launch and continues to attract new members.

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